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Vertical Vision Media, LLC, is a fully insured multimedia production company flying FAA Registered aircraft based in Upstate New York.  Owner and Chief Pilot Frank Johnston holds an FAA Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS/Drone) Pilot certification with a daylight waiver (FAA Part 107.29), allowing Vertical Vision to operate day or night.  This sets us apart from most other drone companies that are limited to daylight operations.


Having a background in photography, engineering, emergency response, and OSHA compliance, he has been flying drones since 2015.  Vertical Vision produces professional cinematic aerial video and photography for clients by utilizing skilled pilots and post-process editing and enhancements.


Frank has helped create UAS programs for several New York State agencies, and trained their UAS pilots in basic, advanced, and night operations.  He has personally flown search & rescue, interior tactical operations, crime scene & collision reconstruction, disaster documentation, mapping, and media production missions for New York State.

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